In these times of isolation in our homes and bubbles, EMSI invites you to a Vivaldi party on Sunday January 24th, 2021 at 7 pm. Here is how to attend:

1 Plan ahead. Get a ticket for The Dark Side of Vivaldi here. If needed, update your EMSI membership (swift and easy there ). and check that you can log in (click on “lost password” to (re)set yours if necessary). RSVP to, we’ll make sure to send you the magic link and we’ll look forward to seeing you. If you wish to know more about the concert, listen in advance to the pre-concert interview with Chloe Kim and Jeanne Lamon.

2 Prepare a Vivaldi menu in advance:

  • an audacious red wine, supple and bold, or a stingy and fiery fruit cocktail
  • assertive cheese, in thin slices
  • olives, green and black
  • confident veggies, elegantly disposed in bowls
  • possibly, dips of various kinds
  • Grissini or other crackers
  • dark, black chocolate
  • nuts and dried fruits
  • small but intense desserts (my recommendation is macaroons)

3 Dress up and switch off your phone, sit comfortably. Log in and play: the show starts at 7pm on January 24, 2021. Enjoy! [Note for those have already enjoyed the concert: the second time is even better! I’ll tell you about the third time at our party.]

4 Stay “in front” of our virtual Alix Goolden Hall with us, we have a post-concert party on Zoom [link to be sent]. Starting at 8pm!

5 Meet the musicians and … the audience! Thank the musicians, tell them and ask them about the concert. Share your impressions, let us know what you think and feel, your favourite parts, your other Vivaldi concerts, your Vivaldi wishes, your Vivaldi performers etc.! The night is young!