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Interview with Matthias Maute, Ensemble Caprice

Three years ago, EMSI and Ensemble Caprice agreed to a series of three concerts. The first was to feature the music of Bach, the second of Vivaldi and the third of Handel. We have been treated to two extraordinary and exciting concerts and…

Corno da tirarsi

Portrait, oil on canvas of Gottfried Reiche (1667–1734) by Elias Gottlob Haussmann (1695–1774), 1727 Bach specified an instrument he called the "tromba o corno da tirarsi" for the elaborate brass line in three of his cantatas: the only…
Nathan Nun artwork

Cats & Lutes

Shoutout to artist Nathan Nun, for his beautiful cats & lutes artwork! Read an interview here.

Fanned frets, circa 1590

A 'new' innovation for electric guitars, the fanned fret concept actually dates back to the 1590s! Read more about the wire-strung bandora and orpharion from the Lute Society of America and Early Music Muse (with videos). And for a electric…